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Our Story

Furkat - Our Animal Spirit

Wild, playful, boundless and curious, freed from society's expectations and ready to share our enthusiasm with the world!

The animal in us that is allowed to roam, to express, to play and love wholeheartedly, Furkat is at once all of us and none of us.

Robbie - Our Rational Mind

More tame and organized, yet always authentic, Robbie brings a fierce sense of calm and structure. In what may sometimes feel like a chaotic world, Robbie keeps us both grounded and moving forward with a sense of purpose.

Furkat & Robbie is the tree that has blossomed after generations of women nurtured and cared for the seedling.

We, cousins Natale and Donnett, bring you our epoch-defining look from the sunny shores of Jamaica, where our mothers and aunties led by example – simply by being the strong, courageous and creatively expressive women that they were. Coming from this long line of amazing women, the pieces that we conceive are infused with our distinctive blend of heritage, lifestyle, and femininity.

The sea breeze that caresses us is lush with Caribbean scents. But our hearts also pump African heritage, and the seamless melding of these two worlds is what has led to the creation of our unique style. We believe in the freedom of "&" and the power of duality as we expand and evolve while honoring the beautiful lessons from our past.

We know that as a woman, it can be easy to get swept up in a world trying to rush you, to contain you, and to label you. In our busy lives, there is often time to fill only one role; to present only one facet.
Mother, sister, wife, homemaker, calm, furious, sexy, chaste, reasonable, humorous… how can you be only one?

Furkat & Robbie is our way of moving through the world in a way that allows us to flow with it, and not be overcome by it. A space to give us time to try on something new, grow in a different direction, discard things that no longer serve us, and a place where we are empowered to shape ourselves.

Here, at Furkat & Robbie, we invite you to be uncompromisingly whole. Bold, expressive, and proudly you. By allowing space for ourselves to grow, we’ve created wearable proof that change can be celebrated, that there is joy in history, and that we are all, always, beautiful.



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