Our Story

Furkat and Robbie's Natale and Donnett both hail from the beautiful sunny island of Jamaica. Despite facing many obstacles along their humble journey, the cousins were always surrounded by strong and passionate women- exemplified by Natale’s mother, Maxine.

Maxine ran a dressmaking business from her home, sewing for women all over the island of Jamaica. She tailored beautiful vibrant dresses, employing intricacy while preserving the individuality of each client that stepped into her dress shop. 

Today, inspired by the drive and dedication of Maxine, Natale and Donnett follow their passion to create comfortable and sexy beachwear under the name of Furkat and Robbie. 

Just as Maxine imparted to her clients the gift of individualism through beautiful design, Furkat and Robbie hope to offer that same gift to you through intricately designed beachwear.

Together, we started Furkat & Robbie with endless ambition, inspiration and a desire to create beautiful timeless pieces while capturing our rich heritage and culture. We aspire to clothe a community unbound by shape, shade or sex and those that are driven to experience life in its fullness.
We want to share our inspiration with the world and inspire you to be your most fearless self.
Be Bold. Be Beautiful. Be You!

 You're Beautiful. Own It.