Earlier this year, we were preparing to put the final touches on Furkat & Robbie's first swimwear collection.
Unforeseen circumstances followed and we knew we had to step up and help our community.

With this ongoing challenge, we postponed our swimwear launch and shifted some of our resources to help out by making reusable masks and making it a platform for helping our community. This crisis has taught us that while it affects us all, not all people have equal access to basic resources. So we are donating reusable masks and making donations to organizations that are empowering vulnerable communities in need.  By supporting us, you are helping us to support and give back to our community.  Get One. Give One

Wearing a mask is one step we can all take to help protect each other, along with social distancing and washing our hands frequently. 


For every mask we sell, we are donating a mask to local organizations that represent vulnerable communities in need. Get One Give One

Please hashtag us in your masked adventures and inspire others to do the same :)


Our Values Amplify in Times of Crisis