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Custom Printed Face Masks to Help You Show Off Your Beauty!

Hey beautiful!

Are you tired of wearing the same old boring masks since the day this pandemic started?

All of us are rowing in the same boat, to say the least.

Creating custom printed face masks is a great way to combat the boredom that comes with wearing these face covers.

You want to be stylish!

You want to be impressionable!

And you want to feel like yourself, for sure!

All of this is easy when you know how to stylize your already gorgeous face masks.

Just because you’re wearing a mask doesn’t mean you’re hiding. You can accentuate other features and rock it!

Listen up; we will talk about some quirky ways so that you can look fabulous every day!

Are you ready to enhance your personality?

Attention on the Eyes

A bright lipstick will hide behind your mask. So, you want to pull their focus to your eyes. Yes, we know they’ll be your most prominent feature anyway, but doing a bit differently with them is going to be a lot better. Since half our faces are covered, you might want to invest in an eye serum that will give your eye cream the much-needed boost of efficacy. With fine lines and wrinkles at bay, flaunt your beautiful eyes with one of your custom printed face masks.

If you’re not the kind to worry too much about aging, then use makeup to get your eyes to pop! A bit of kohl, eyeliner, mascara, and well-done eyebrows should do the trick. You don’t have to go overboard; these are just the basics you want to keep in mind.

Pro Tip- Use colors that pop! Bright blues, reds, and yellows on your eyes as an eyeliner. You could also stick with a classic black eyeliner by adding an edge to it. Instead of your regular cat-eye, go for an Egyptian-inspired eyeliner with a double-wing!

Spotlight on the Hair

They say that the one accessory that is with you at all times is your hair. Whether you’ve got some luscious curls or straight hair, they frame your face perfectly! When you style them to suit your mood and put a little bit of effort into the whole process, your entire look is elevated. The best thing about having the spotlight on your hair is that with the right style, you could pull off a messy bun too! It would be the ideal hairstyle to run errands in your comfy loungewear, and one of your custom printed face masks. Ideally, you want to get a specialist to give you the right kind of haircut that will frame your face, and instead of hiding behind the hair, you can show off your face and the hair!

Have Fun with It

When you buy face masks the next time around, make sure that you try and match your personality with them. Choosing the right mask can be tough at times, but with the bundle of options made available online, including Furkat and Robbie, this should be slightly easy. Are you the kind of person that would love a simple solid-colored mask or someone who loves colors and abstract patterns? Either way, you’ll find some great options with us.

Anyway, coming back to how you can have fun with your mask! Your priority should be to determine how comfortable it is. The next step would be to match your outfit and your custom printed face mask very well. Finally, prep your hair, eyes, and accessories to add that spice of your personality to the ensemble. Voila! You’re ready to go, queen!

Amp up your look with our trending facemasks and flaunt in style, Check us out!

Repurpose Bandanas

We’re environmentally friendly, so we encourage you to go look in your closet and find old bandanas. You could easily style them with your outfits, and when you are not using them to cover your face, wrap around the neck for a fun and unique accessory. If you’re going to travel for a couple of days, you could pack up a bandana or scarf in a Ziploc to keep it clean. This way, when the masks you carried with you are dirty, you can switch them up with a scarf or bandana. New look on a new day, all while being safe! 

That said, it might be slightly inconvenient to carry a thicker material. So, buy face masks that are sold in a bundle.

Loops for the Hair

This one is a pro tip we’ve learned along the way. If you are super into styling your hair, instead of just putting it into a bun or leaving it open, you should opt for a mask with ear loops. These could be adjustable for all we know. The idea is that the masks' loops tend to be more aesthetically pleasing and highly comfortable. Plus, they won’t interfere with your hair. Whatever hairstyle you prefer daily or on a special occasion can be executed without worrying about taking care of the mask.

A lot of face masks in NJ made by us are styled, taking into consideration all the aspects of getting ready!

In the End…

The world is a scary place right now, and there’s not much we can do about it.

We want everything to go back to normal, but who really knows when that will happen.

Until we can get our lives back, we will have to learn how to make the best with what we have, isn’t it?

And right now, it seems like some stunning face masks are our only option of surviving this pandemic with all our sanity intact!

All we want for you is to add some personality to the face masks you buy online and make them the perfect fit for you.

We hope you liked what we had to say. Also! We would love it if you were to check out the other awesome items we’ve got in our store. Along with the superb custom printed face masks, we also have kaftans and loungewear with vibrant prints – Visit our Facebook page!

Custom Printed Face Masks to Help You Show Off Your Beauty!


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