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How to Embrace Your Inner Goddess.

Be Your Most Fearless Self!

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Furkat & Robbie is inspired by island paradise, and we’re sharing our culture through our sarongs and coverups. But Furkat & Robbie goes beyond what you’re wearing! It’s about embracing your inner goddess and being your bold, beautiful, sexy self. We all have an inner goddess, and it’s time to let yours loose! 

Move Your Body

When you tie one of our sarongs around your waist, we bet you’ll want to shake your hips as you admire yourself in the mirror. Go for it! Get your body moving and see how good it feels. Your body was made to move. Dance in your living room, go for a walk, ride a bike — move in whatever way feels right to you. There’s no wrong way to move your body, and remember, every body is beautiful. Embrace yourself and move like the goddess you are!


The other women in our lives reflect ourselves back to us and allow us to see ourselves for the beautiful beings we are. Even if you’re not feeling like a goddess quite yet, there’s a woman in your life who sees your inner goddess. Spend time with her! Tell each other what you love about one another and try to see yourself through her eyes.



If you’re not looking out for your happiness, then who is? As women, we can often prioritize caring for others over caring for ourselves. But your happiness is just as important as the happiness of your loved ones, and embracing your inner goddess means giving her what she needs to be happy. Remember, making yourself and your happiness a priority doesn’t mean that you’re neglecting someone else. Fill your cup so you can fill others!


We’ll say it again: go ahead, treat yourself! Sometimes you need a little permission from someone else, and if you do, we’re here to give it to you. Treating yourself doesn’t have to mean spending the whole day at the spa or booking a vacation (although if you can and want to, go for it!). Treating yourself can mean asking your partner to take the kids out for the evening while you read a book alone on your porch. Or take a bubble bath. Or sleep in. Treat yourself, goddess.


You’re a beautiful goddess unbound by shape, shade, or sex, and it’s time to own it and live your life to its fullest! This summer, embrace your inner goddess and let her shine. And if wearing a bold and beautiful Furkat & Robbie sarong helps you do that, we’re here to make that happen.

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