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The Ins and Outs of the Signature Collection

Face masks do a lot to keep people safe and secure. They can also be extremely stylish and comfortable. The Signature F&R Mask collection confirms that. It consists of masks that highlight the wonders of breathable cotton. They're extremely soft against your skin.

Lazer Iguana

This antimicrobial fabric favorite is both reusable and washable. It's made to be cozy. It's made to be resilient to the max, too. If you want the ideal fit, this mask can work. It features loop ear straps. It features an adjustable hook that's nice and soft, too.
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Black Beauty

Black Beauty is a mask that's as dark and striking as its name suggests. It's a protective mask that is composed of three separate layers. Its lining is made entirely out of cotton filter pockets. It comes with a drawstring carry pouch that can keep the mask safe no matter what. It can even function as a tiny laundry bag of sorts. This mask is ideal for people who crave style simplicity and the basics.
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Orchid Teal

Orchid Teal has a nose bridge that's moldable. What makes this kind of bridge so exceptional? It paves the way for a seal that is completely secure. It helps people steer clear of all of the hassles of fogging of the lens as well. This is a bright mask that's chock-full of floral color and vitality. It's ideal for people who want to stand out in the finest possible way. 
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Africana Abstract

Africana Abstract, true to its name, features a touch of the exotic. It's reminiscent of the continent of its naming. It's accessible in a single size just like the other face masks that are part of the collection. It easily and comfortably fits the vast majority of face sizes that are out there. This mask is a blend of hypnotic colors and African Adinkra symbols.

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Lazer Leopard

Lazer Leopard has a design that's lives up to its name. It has a design concept that's reminds us of a sleek leopard that has an edge. The fabric on the exterior is made up of an antimicrobial cotton mix. The cotton on the inside, on the other hand, is composed fully of a cotton mix that's wonderfully soft. If you purchase this mask, then you should wash it thoroughly prior to putting it on your face. Use a mild detergent. Get Yours Here


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